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The Global Progress in Technology

The 3D Chemical Illustration in Vienna
It goes without any shreds of doubt that technology can shape and revolutionize the world. In a recent developing story, the global largest crystal structure is presently being assembled in the Vienna’s city hall. The structure in question is a 3D chemical illustration which, according to scientists, is made from tiny balls and sticks.

The purported structure replicates the reiterating lattice of sodium and chloride ions. The model was built by Dr. Robert Krickl and boasts over 3m in height. It was apparently designed from virtually 40,000 balls along with 10km of sticks.The structure will be arbitrated by the Guinness Book of World Records on November 23rd, 2015. It was recently commemorated on an Austrian postage stamp, but will be available for general public display on November 30th, 2015.

Dr. Krickl, the lead developer of the 3D chemical illustration structure, told the BBC world science that he would like to visualize how the world appears when magnified more than one billion times. The model comprises a rather dazzling appearance; because it’s seamlessly constructed from the regular pattern that makes hundreds of ions to craft precise lines from different angles.

Dr. Krickl suggests that this discovery has a major effect on science and the general understanding of the world. Apparently, the structure helped in the determination of the actual structure of DNA, proteins and viruses. Similarly, it helped in figuring out the materials utilized in our daily lives, for our technology to build faster, better and lighter machines.

To mark this great milestone and unparalleled achievement, the lead developer welcomed various representatives from the British Embassy as well as the British Council. These representatives will view the almost completed structure and provide their opinions and ideas with regard to the structure.

Software that can guess how humans feel from their speech

While in another recent progress, software developed at the University Of Rochester, New York, outstrips humans when it comes to the ability to detect emotions in speech. The researchers are planning to utilize the software to determine the impacts of emotion especially in parent-child interactions.

The supposed software was developed by the Rochester University graduates, including Na Yang and Emre Eskimez. Although the new software is not the first one to perceive emotions and feelings behind human utterances, it is ostensibly the first to surpass human beings in a robust comparison.

Yang’s software is by far the best speech recognition tool compared to the human beings when it comes to detecting and recognizing emotions. The system classifies audio clips flawlessly and accurately, marking a great milestone in technology advancement. In fact, according to Yang, the lead developer of this speech recognition software, the overall accuracy of speech detection is virtually 85 per cent.

It can recognize emotions on the fly, and without the need to record prior speeches for recognition. The software detects the frequency of speech, vocal tract shape, roughness, flatness, brightness, as well as energy from utterances. It utilizes these properties in modeling the emotion behind it. After detecting the actual emotions, the system’s output includes—sadness, levels of happiness, disgust, anger, fear and neutrality.